Chelsea LeValley Photoshoot

While I was visiting Seattle for a creativeLive workshop, I got the chance to meet and shoot with Chelsea LeValley. Chelsea is an actress, singer, dancer and model who just moved to Seattle from Oakwood, Ohio to pursue her dreams.

We met in front of the Bank of America Tower and went up to the observatory on the 73th floor to shoot. We only had about 30 minutes to shoot because Chelsea had to go to rehearsals. This was our first time working together but when we met, we got along really well and the shoot seemed effortless like we had known each other for a long time. Chelsea is so down to earth and a trooper, up for anything even though we were surrounded by many tourists. Here are a couple of shots that I took that day. We decided to meet again for a second shoot on Friday.

For our shoot on Friday, we decide to dress up a little and do a vintage inspired shoot. I just bought a new dress at Nordstrom’s rack the day before and it fit her perfectly. She looked absolutely stunning! We took a couple of shoots in the alley right behind the creativeLive studios. Of course I also had to get some shots in front of the huge garage door that Sal Cincotta used during his workshop. I thought that was pretty cool.   

The shots below were taken in a side alley right by the hotel where I was staying. We wanted to do a more dramatic look for these shots (she is an actress after all). I added a vintage hair piece I got at the Spring Market Antique Shop in Klamath Falls. I wanted more  dramatic lighting for these shots so I used the Wescott Ice Light, designed by  by Jerry Ghionis, which lights her face beautifully. I also used a magenta filter that wraps around the Ice Light (last picture) for a fun cool effect.

Even though we only had a couple of hours shooting together, it was so much fun and we formed a great relationship I will be coming back up to Seattle in a couple of weeks and we are already planning our next shoot. Chelsea is not only gorgeous, down to earth and über talented, talk about a quadruple threat, she is a very ambitious girl and hard worker. She will achieve many great things in her career and life.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
~ Brian Littrell

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