“She would not stop until she beat the Devil”


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Her Beating Heart

“He ripped out her heart and watched it beat in the palm of his hand.

He watched the one tear roll down her face as she drowned and she finally understood he didn’t love her.”

~ Gabriella Laos


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Drowning Tears

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Model: Aubrey Powless

Photographer: Michelle L. Cuello exhibition in Times Square

Thursday, July 24th, is having an exhibition at Times Square. Images from artist from around the world will be projected digitally onto a billboard in Times Square in New York City.

The images below were selected to be in the show. I feel honored to be included in this exhibit and feel inspired to create more amazing art through my photography.




Model: Whitney Christensen


Sleeping-To-Dream-Michelle Cuello-Photography

“Sleeping to Dream”

Model: Kelsey Reed



Model: Kelsey Reed

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