A Haunting at Riverside | Klamath Falls Photography

Photoshoot with Gabby Vaccaro shot in an abandoned victorian house on Riverside, Klamath Falls. Gabby and I both being huge American Horror Story fans decided to make this shoot our homage to the show. This house is so creepy but so cool, we wanted to shoot in it all day. The house has been abandoned clearly and is completely in disarray. There is an eerie feeling as soon as you walk in the door. Here’s a video montage of the photoshoot set to equally eerie music.

Music: How to Raise the Sea – Reid Willis

From what we could tell or had time to explore, the house has four floors; a basement, a main floor, the second floor which has five bedrooms and two bathrooms and then an attic which we did not visit. The bedrooms are covered floor to floor in random objects and trash from ribbons, tea cups, wrapping paper, dolls, clothes, walkers, oxygen masks, record albums in crates, etc. Being abandoned it seems the house has either been trashed by transients or left as is by last occupants.

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